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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  September 19, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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now it's time for "andrea mitchell reports." president trump taking a hard line against both north korea and iran. >> the united states has great strength and patience. but if it is forced to defend itself or its allies, we will have no choice but to totally destroy north korea. rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime. the iran deal was one of the worst and most one-sided transactions the united states has ever entered into. frankly, that deal is an embarrassment to the united states, and i don't think you've heard the last of it, believe me. >> coming up here, nbc news nightly news anchor lester holt who just sat down with iran's president rouhani. our first look at lester's interview. he'll be here live.
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and signs of life. vice president pence heading back to washington from the u.n. to make one last attempt to repeal obamacare today. it's in the hands of one or two republican senators. and a shocking revelation about how the fbi stormed paul manafort's virginia apartment, and the bombshell robert mueller dropped right afterwards. and good day, everyone. i'm andrea mitchell in new york where president trump put north korea on notice, mocking kim jong-un and threatening to destroy the regime if it does not back down from its nuclear threat. >> no one has shown more contempt for other nations and for the well-being of their own people than the depraved regime in north korea. north korea's reckless pursuit of nuclear weapons and ballistic
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missiles threatens the entire world with unthinkable loss of human life. it is time for north korea to realize that the denuclearization is its only acceptable future. >> nbc news white house correspondent kristen welker is outside the u.n. on the east side of manhattan and joins me now. kristen, what we've been talking about with people is that the north korean delegation, the ambassador walked out before president trump's speech, but they did leave some of their diplomats, one lower-level diplomat sitting there in the seat. so they did not personally hear this in the room, at least. how was it received? >> reporter: there was a mixed reception, andrea, to the president's entire speech. at some moments, some world leaders nodded along. prime minister netanyahu, for example, when president trump talked about iran as a rogue regime when he called the nuclear deal an embarrassment was nodding. but you had other world leaders, according to those in the room, who apparently gasped at some of
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the statements that president trump made during his 40-minute speech. he came out with his toughest threat yet against north korea, andrea. that remains the headline here. as you pointed out, members of the delegation left. they only left that low-level person in the room there to hear the president's remarks, and this is the first time we've really heard him say specifically that he will move toward north korea's total destruction if it doesn't denuclearize. he's talked in broad terms before about fire and fury, but andrea, this was very different, it was more specific, and again, it was a ramping up of his rhetoric. so the reaction continues to pour in, but i think that the other takeaway from the president's speech was his language overall. he had harsh words not only for iran but for the united nations and said that the entire body needs to do more to live up to its promises to promote peace and prosperity throughout the world, saying that some countries have frankly gone to hell. those are his words.
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again, that's why you had that very mixed reaction in the room, andrea. we knew the president was going to speak in very strong terms. this is a speech that he did get some input from his secretary of state, his u.n. ambassador. but we are told those words, including the term rocket man to describe kim jong-un, or his and his alone, andrea. >> thanks to kristen welker. as the president was leaving, he was asked how he thought it went. not surprisingly, this is his response. >> i think it went very well. i said what i had to say. i think the united nations has great potential. if they get there, it will be something that will be very, very special. but i think the united nations has great, great potential. it needs that potential right now just about more than at any time ever before. so we'll be back here during the week. we have many meetings scheduled, and i think we'll have great success. thank you all very much. >> moments before president trump issued his threats to iran
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and derided the nuclear deal as an embarrassment to the u.s., nbc news anchor lester holt sat down with iran's president rouhani and asked what would happen if the u.s. broke out of this six-party agreement. >> so iran would be able to make choices. would that include resuming some of the nuclear activities that are currently prohibited? >> translator: always one of the options and choices. one of our counterparts not to remain in the current framework would be to go back to previous activities. this is one option. and that's not difficult. we can easily go back to previous conditions if counterparts were not to live up to their commitments. but you do know fairly well that iran will not be the niinitiate
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to the return to that path. >> to be clear, when you talk about activities, you're speaking of peaceful activities. you're not talking about a weapons program. >> translator: certainly, what i mean is return to peaceful activities only. clearly, aunequivocally, we wer members of the safeguards and even under the current conditions that we're implementing, the jcpo framework, we're also adhering to additional protocols. so we will never go the direction of nuclear weapons, just as in the past we never intended to go towards that path nor did we ever. it has always been peaceful. >> mr. holt joins me now. lester, this is such an important inflexion moment.
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we heard from the president today. it was a clear signal that when that next deadline comes on october 15th, if they did not break out completely, they would do something to show the u.s. displeasure of this agreement, what they call the spirit. >> i asked president rouhani, are you going to attend the speech? his answer was no but he intended to watch it on television, but we also got the impression he knew what he was going to hear. it was said that the u.s. would pay a price for withdrawing, and i said that could be perceived az threa as a threat, and he clarified saying, no, what country would want to sit across the table and do a deal with the u.s. if they broke this one up, saying that iran has largely complied. >> and that's really important because the president is saying, i may break out of the iran deal.
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that's the message countries will say out of his speech today, even as he's saying to the north korean regime, negotiate with us and give up your nuclear weapons or freeze your nuclear weapons. and what motivation is there for north korea to negotiate with the u.s. if the u.s. is going to break arrangements? >> one of the things we talked about was, what's it like to hear -- and i assume we would hear it and we certainly did -- what's it like to be lumped in the same basket with north korea? and he points out there's vast differences ask signing a nonproliferation treaty, but they obviously take great offense at that. they're also watching this president of the world stage, and i asked him about, this is a president that ran successfully on this mantra of america first and now you see him on the world stage, and he returns that issue of no one knows what he's going to say today, no one knows what he'll say next week. he keeps coming back to this
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issue of american credibility is on the line. he thinks iran would be the winner, not the loser. at the same time, he admitted in an earlier session we had with some other reporters that they need billions, hundreds of billions of dollars in investments, and some of that's not coming. he argued that a lot of it that is coming is coming from the europeans and the u.s. is missing out on some of these career opportunities. >> one of the deals that is in play is a deal with boeing for airlines. it's possible now with the iran deal. it wasn't possible before. >> he pointed out there's been some grumblings from the house of representatives to stick a fork in that deal. that's a lot of jobs, and this is the jobs president. i think the deal was something around 100 airplanes, so that's billions of dollars worth of business to the u.s. that could be in jeopardy. >> the other thing the president said today was that iran -- he supports terrorism and it's a corrupt regime hiding behind the guise of a false democracy. >> strong words. strong words. and remember, the administration
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points out that is iran complying? it always comes back, well, they're not living up to the spirit. one of the things the u.s. points out is the tchy have continued to fire off ballistic missiles which is at least in the spirit that one of the u.n. resolutions had asked for. his point is these are defensive. he will take you back down a history lesson of the iraq/iran conflict, saying we need defensively these missiles and the only time we need it is to strike back at isis. >> he's not wrong that the europeans and others who helped negotiate this six-party agreement was the five members of the security council, including the u.s., plus germany, plus the european union, and they all are living up to it and believe that iran is living up to it. >> and there is the wedge. and some have speculated that it's in iran's best interest to have a wedge between the
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europeans and the americans. that remains to be seen. but clearly this kind of language coming from president trump is making a lot of the europeans, who have signed on to this agreement and are wholly supportive, very nervous. >> lester holt just rushed back from the interview with rouhani. watch lester holt's interview on hassan rouhani on "nbc nightly news." the secretary for president obama is with us. what do you think this does for the united nations? >> reporter: you made a great point. having sat in the hall of the united nations where the president of the united states delivers an address for gathered world leaders, that's something i did for the last three years. what you know world leaders are
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looking for in that room is a coherent strategy for taking on the biggest challenges around the globe. whether that is climate change or refugee problems or rogue nations with nuclear weapons, the world looked to the united states to organize a coherent strategy. as you point out, andrea, there is a distinct lack of coherence in this strategy president trump pointed out today. on the one hand, he's suggested to north korea that they need to work with the united nations to denuclearize the korean peninsula. then two or three sentences later, he is trashing and vowing to tear up a deal that the united nations is implementing to prevent iran from getting access to a nuclear weapon. what this does, andrea, it puts the united states at a disadvantage, that part of our leadership in the world and able to advance our interests, is to have a strategy with the world that they enjoy implementing.
9:13 am
that coherence was lacking in today's speech. >> as a former press secretary, i know sarah huckabee sanders was tweeting that the president had used the phrase islamic terrorist, something president obama did not. this speech had the feel of steven miller in some of the rhetoric that was used, but what did you think of rocket man as a way of deriding the north korean leader? >> reporter: to be blunt, andrea, i think it is foolish to goad or mock someone who, in his own words, is on a suicide mission. how is the united states' national security strengthened by mocking the leader of north korea? it is in nobody's interest, particularly the most powerful, influential, strongest, greatest country in the world for the leader of that country to try to out kim jong-un. it doesn't make any sense. it is certainly beneath the
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united states and it does not strengthen our position to try to resolve this dispute that in a way protects our own national security and also protects the national security of our allies in asia. >> one of the things the president also discussed was the migration crisis, harking back to the executive orders in his view on now accepting the fewest number of refugees that the united states has had in years. this is part of that speech. >> we have learned that over the long term, uncontrolled migration is deeply unfair to both the sending and the receiving countries. for the sending countries, it decreases pressure to send an even political and economic reform. and drains them of the human capital necessary to implement those reforms. for the receiving countries, the substantial cost of uncontrolled
9:15 am
migration are borne overwhelmingly by low income citizens. >> josh, your reaction? >> reporter: my reaction, andrea, there are no facts to support the argument the president is laying out there. in fact, there is evidence that's being suppressed within the trump administration that actually shows that by allowing refugees into the united states, carefully vetted refugees, the most carefully vetted individuals who enter the united states, when they're vetted, they actually bring more capital in paid taxes at the state, local and federal level than they do in terms of costs to the united states. to say nothing of the important moral statement that the united states makes when we continue to serve as a beacon of liberty and freedom and safety and tolerance to the rest of the world. we forfeit all of that in the face of evidence, by trying to suppress evidence that doesn't
9:16 am
support the kind of argument that president trump is making that is only political and that only seeks to plant the anxieties of americans who are justifiably concerned about the spread of extremism and violence around the world. we have an effective strategy for preventing that violence and extremism and part of it includes the united states standing apart and being a place where everybody who seeks to improve themselves and improve their society wants to be a part of that has an opportunity to succeed. that's why the united states stands apart from the rest of the world, and that is a status that we should protect, not a status that we should undermine for the political benefit of just one politician. >> josh eararnestearnest, someos witnessed this with the administration. and a category 5 hurricane
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at this hour, hurricane maria is now a monster category 5 storm. it tore through the caribbean island of dominica overnight, battling gaudalupe as well. unless its path turns, maria is heading directly to puerto rico, with the u.s. virgin islands not
9:21 am
far behind, not having recovered at all from irma. they are describing irma as a potentially catastrophic storm. meanwhile jose is off the atlantic coast with minimum winds of 75 miles an hour, but it still pose az dangs a danger threat even as it weakens to a tropical storm. dylan dryer is with us. dylan, these storms are coming one after the other. it seems insane the danger for the people in the region. >> it's so true, andrea, and there really isn't time to recover before the next storm moves through, which is exactly what we're seeing in the caribbean. this is a huge storm right now. as you mentioned, a category 5 hurricane. it should weaken to a category 4 as it weakens and approaches puerto rico. but lots of wind damage and flooding will be likely with this storm. here's jose, still a category 1 off the coast of virginia and then we are going to focus first on hurricane maria. again, it should weaken to a
9:22 am
category 4 after it approaches puerto rico, but in the meantime it's 150 miles southeast of st. cro croix. winds are up to 160 miles an hour. it's going to passover puerto rico, a very populated part of the island, then it will brush the turks and caicos islands and move out to sea. it doesn't really look like it will abe threat to the mainland united states. but as we look at the impacts in the virgin islands, st. croix is with winds of 125 to 150 miles per hour so extreme destruction from wind in that area. you see san juan where the population is, and the northeastern side of this storm could produce winds of 125 to 150 miles an hour, that storm surge of 6 to 9 feet and possibly rainfall in excess of 20 inches. it looks like it will stay to the north of turks and caicos and again move out to sea. we do have your warnings in
9:23 am
turks and caicos and puerto rico. let's look at the rainfall because this is a major concern for puerto rico. we could see as much as 25 inches of rain falling over the mountains. that's the source region for a lot of these rivers, and these rivers funnel the water down into some of those higher populated areas, those coastal cities. you have the runoff down the mountains and it flows into an area like san juan and we could end up seeing extreme flooding because of the river flooding. then you add the storm surge on top of that, and that could lead to just catastrophic flooding for some areas, especially in northeastern puerto rico. let's focus on hurricane jose right now. keep in mind this storm is going to run into some colder waters, so that should weaken it to a tropical storm. it is staying offshore. it's going to stay well to the southeast of nantucket but brush in close enough to the northeast to produce some impact. what are those impacts? we are certainly going to see rough surf, dangerous rip currents for several days as the storm swirls out over the atlantic for a while. wind will be strongest specially
9:24 am
in eastern long island. cape cod islands could see 60-mile-per-hour gusts. as far the surf, we could see 115 feet to eastern long island, parts of rhode island and into new england as well where we could possibly pick up three inches of rainfall. so we will see some impacts and then this storm will sit and spin specially juespecially jus coast and that's a good thing because it could help steer maria out to sea, and for us we won't see much impact from storm except in the caribbean and puerto rico. andrea? >> dylan, thank you for all of that as we continue to watch these storms. coming up, a last-ditch attempt to repeal obamacare. you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc.
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welcome back. and you're looking at air force ii at andrews air force base. vice president mike pence bringing with him senator lindsey graham on board that plane which landed about 40 minutes ago. maybe they're making some calls from the plane. they're racing back to washington, to capitol hill, after the president's u.n.
9:29 am
speech for one last-minute republican attempt to repeal obamacare. huddling shortly with senate republicans as they have their weekly lunches, scrambling for 50 votes they need before a september 30 deadline when the rules change and they'll need more votes. let's get the scoop from ashley parker, an msnbc political analyst and an msnbc contributor. ashley, first to you. they're making one last-ditch effort. they only need 50 votes, and there could be some shifting. por importantly, this is co-sponsored by lindsey graham and we all know how close he is to john mccain which was the critical vote that sank it last time. what's going to happen? >> it's a good question because this legislation has a lot of the same flaws that even republicans found in the bill that failed. but a couple things have changed. one exactly is that graham-mccain reels shlationshi
9:30 am
even though mccain hasn't said how he would vote yet, there is a sense he would vote against his friend. this is a hard deadline, and if they couldn't muster the 50 votes before, they're certainly not going to be able to do the 60 that would be required next time. and there is a sense among republicans if they go home without actually doing what they promised to do for seven years that there will -- they will pay a price electorally and i think that is also a pretty significant pressure point that gives this bill a little bit of an extra boost. >> now, the co-sponsor with lindsey graham is bill castro, who went on the bill kimmel show after the last heart-wrenching appeal. he wanted everyone to vote for
9:31 am
it after his baby was born with a heart defect. >> we have to have assurances that passes the jimmy kimmel test that a middle class family can no longer afford. >> do you believe that the health care bill they passed does that, lowers those costs for middle class people? >> the house plan was scored by the congressional budget office is actually raising premiums, which is why, on the senate side, we have to make it work to lower premiums so if another child is born, that child can get the care she needs. >> thas lat was last may. the castro-graham bill goes the opposite way to give the options to states of block grants, so if the state decides it wants to change the rules on preexisting conditions and lifetime caps, they can do that, and that would deny access to care, highly
9:32 am
expensive care, in neonatal care to a child like jimmy kimmel's. >> two words that should scare the american people are block grants. when block grants are sent to the states, there is no guarantee that money sent to the states will actually go to those programs they're supposed to fund. you have there the clip of the member of congress talking about, you know, the cbo score. one of the problems here is that they're about to vote on something that the cbo will not have enough time to do a thorough analysis of to tell congress and the american people what exactly the impact will be of this bill. and as ashley pointed out, this bill has some, if not most, of the problematic features of the bill that went down a long time ago. and one final point, and that is senator mccain made a big deal about how the senate needed to
9:33 am
return to regular order. and regular order means having committee hearings, having committee votes and then having votes on the senate floor. none of that is going to happen before this big deadline comes up, so i wonder how the senator will be able to square that if he votes for this bill. >> and senator hatch has scheduled a finance committee meeting, one hearing, one meeting. hardly the months of hearings and meetings -- >> that we saw with obamacare. >> right now we see pence and graham coming off the plane. since they've been on the ground for a while, ashley, i can bet you he's been speed-dialing fellow senators. they obviously want to get john mccain. senator collins is somewhat in play. she says she wants to look at more details, that she hasn't made up her mind yet. she's obviously keeping her own council. but this is pretty tough stuff with them really needing 50 votes that mike pence can put it over the top as the president of
9:34 am
the senate pro forma, as we see that tape running out. i want to switch quickly, ashley, to what's happening on the mueller probe, because the "new york times" reporting is that raid on paul manafort's home, the apartment in virginia was much more intensive and much more tactical than we had previously believed. >> yeah, i think that's exactly right, and what mueller is demonstrating here, it's not just about what he, you know, presumably got in that raid and got from manafort's home, but just the way he went about it, picking the lock, barging in in the pre-dawn hours. it's sending a message to manafort clearly, but to everyone else who touches on this investigation in any way, which is basically, in short, be afraid and don't mess with me. and the goal is sort of, you know, to make people feel like i need to participate or this could be a lot worse for me.
9:35 am
and in talking to people in the white house, i think that message, at least to some of the aides, i don't know about the president himself, has gotten through. you have aides who will say in one breath they have nothing to fear, they have done nothing wrong, but they fully expect to be contacted, they fully expect to cooperate and it is a real source of at least sort of mental kind of anxiety for them. and these are the people who don't touch on it in the serious ways this close handful of aides do touch on it. >> one other thing that did happen today of importance is that michael cohen, the president's long-time lawyer, was supposed to be interviewed by intelligence. they say he violated that deal by briefing the press, putting out a statement to the reporters denying any collusion with russia. so they canceled his private meeting, which was the terms that were negotiated. you see him there talking to the press. and they canceled the whole session. now they say they very well may subpoena him to appear in
9:36 am
public, something that he may not want. a lot of action on that front as well. jonathan, ashley, thank you both so much. coming up, deal or no deal. president trump hinting today he's looking for a way out of the iran nuclear deal. one of the men who laid the groundwork for that deal is secret talks. that's next. stay with us. stay with me, mr. parker. when a critical patient is far from the hospital, the hospital must come to the patient. stay with me, mr. parker. the at&t network is helping first responders connect with medical teams in near real time... stay with me, mr. parker. ...saving time when it matters most. stay with me, mrs. parker. that's the power of and. but he hasoke up wwork to
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the iran deal was one of the worst and most one-sided transactions the united states has ever entered into. frankly, that deal is an embarrassment to the united states, and i don't think you've heard the last of it, believe me. it is time for the entire world to join us in demanding that iran's government and its pursuit of death and destruction. >> president trump, who rid k d ridiculed kim jong-un as rocket man as well as bashing the iran nuclear deal. joining me now is jake sullivan who helped lay the groundwork for the iran deal during a year and a half of secret diplomacy to president obama and later
9:41 am
became a diplomat to hillary clinton and her campaign. welcome both. i can't think of two better people to have here with me to talk about all of this. let's talk about iran first, jake. is he setting the stage to break out of it october 15th, the next deadline, to certify that iran is complying with the nuclear terms, or is he saying something else? >> well, he certainly is laying down rhetoric that suggests that whether it's in october or later, the united states is going to walk away from this deal. what we're hearing from the administration is that they don't want to do it directly, they want to kind of back into the collapse of the deal. but either way, however it ends, if the united states ends up pulling out of the iran nuclear deal and it collapses, it will leave us less safe and secure. there is a reason that today we're not talking about iran testing a nuclear device the way
9:42 am
we're talking about north korea doing it or iran sending a missile to the united states. it's because we did it without firing a single shot. i believe what the president is saying today and he's signalling the administration may do here is the height of irresponsibility. it will make us worse off both with respect to iran and with respect to our attempt to stop north korea on its nuclear march as well. >> and that is the linkage, dennis ross, that certainly is being observed by people around the world, and in pyongyang they're saying, why should i negotiate with the united states? not that we know that they would. if the u.s. is going to break out of deals as soon as another president is elected? >> it certainly becomes an argument for them, although i don't think it really shifts the focus off the nature of their program and everything they're doing to isolate themselves. >> it gives them an excuse. >> it does give them an excuse.
9:43 am
i'm not sure is convinces the rest of the world. we do need to think about if you walk away from something, what replaces it? what jake is saying if you don't have something to put in its place, you could be worse off. i suspect that the u.s. hinting it might go away, it will make them nervous, and maybe they'll come to us and say, what would it take to keep the deal? it might work if you're quieter about raising your concerns and you went to them and said, look, if you want to stay in the deal, here's the kind of things we want to address. >> ah, but you're speaking of quiet diplomacy. that doesn't seem to exist in this administration. speaking of quiet diplomacy, we all thought president rouhani had left town, we saw the motorcade, we thought the story was over. we all kind of relaxed. i went off to a doctor's appointment, in fact.
9:44 am
and then you and president obama cooked up a phone call. tell me what happened. >> we were originally trying to set up a meeting between president obama and president rouhani so they could set up a meeting that ultimately made the deal. they then weren't comfortable meeting face to face. we thought it was over as well. then one of rouhani's advisers called me from the motorcade saying president rouhani wanted to speak on the phone to president obama. i had to make sure it wasn't some kind of prank. ultimately they connected in the oval office and the two men had a chance to talk to one another. the fact is they both saw clear-eyed what the deal could do, and the ultimate result of it, from my perspective, whatever its imperfections, it has blocked iran's pathways to get to a nuclear weapon. it has produced an out cocome t doesn't require us to result to military force, and it's the kind of approach we should be
9:45 am
taking to north korea as opposed to dropping out of the deal with iran and creating a second nuclear crisis when we're already dealing with a nuclear crisis on the peninsula. >> and the dog that has not barked here in new york at the u.n. is the palestinian process that dennis ross has spent decades working on. what's happening behind the scenes? >> i do think there is a quiet deal in the administration to see what would be possible. the gap between the parties is too great, the saturation between the public is too wide, too deep. so is there a way to break the stalemate, is there a way to create a sense of possibility again? i suspect the meeting that president netanyahu had with president trump probably ended up focusing primarily on iran and only secondarily on this issue. but president trump will see the president of the palestinian
9:46 am
authority tomorrow, and i have no doubt that mark mudabas will say, so far i've gone along with you. i haven't pursued anything because you don't want me to. i suspect there is still a lot of work to be done. >> and the other thing he's doing, among many other things, he's meeting with him to create an unnecessary dispute that the u.s. bought into on the side of the saudis and the eu against cutter and that has to be resolved. dennis ross, private and secret diplomacy sometimes works better than rhetorical speeches. thanks to both of you and we'll have more coming up. coming up, moscow and north korea have their military parades. now president trump says he would like a show of military force on july 4th. is he serious? stay with us. we'll find out. (vo) more "doing chores for mom"
9:47 am
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their leadership is instinctive. they're experts in things you haven't heard of - researchers of technologies that one day, you will. some call them the best of the best. some call them veterans. we call them our team. we must work together and confront together those who threaten us with chaos, turmoil
9:51 am
and terror. the scorch of our planet today is a small group of rogue regimes that violate every principle in which the united nations is based. they respect neither their own citizens nor the sovereign rights of their countries. if the righteous many do not confront the wicked few, then evil will triumph. >> joining me now is bill crystal. editor for the weekly standard. tough talk at the u.n. what's your reaction? >> sounds a a little like george w bush. for all the donald trump "america first" talk and the good must stand up and evil triumph. i thought beneath some of the trumpian aspects which i could have done without it is a more standard orthodox speech by a american president. >> really two speeches. one talking about universal
9:52 am
values and shared goals, despite our differences and diversity good and multi lateral organizations and then, boy, rocket man. >> little rocket man. but look the tough talk is not unusual and president obama was said we cannot afford to have -- nuclear program and so forth even though already beginning to have one. actually i'd say in general stepping back. i don't want to get so wrapped up in the particular things. rocket man. the people around trump have gotten more of a grip on trump i think in foreign policy than i would have expected i guess put it that way. this is a more normal speech by an american president i might have thought three or four months ago. >> one of the things that should not go unnoticed is that while here in new york the president had a meeting with french president and boy he did like that bastille day parade. this is what he had too say about that. >> i do want to say that i was
9:53 am
your guest at bastille day and it was one of the greatest parades i've ever seen. it was military might. and i think a tremendous thing for france and for the spirit of france. and people don't know what great warriors they are in france but when you see that and see all the victories it was a tremendous thing. and to a large extent because of what i witnessed we may do something like that on july 4th in washington down in pennsylvania. i don't know we're gonna have to try and top it. >> because nothing says july 4th and the declaration of independence, john adams, thomas jefferson, than tanks rolling down pennsylvania avenue. >> it is so trumpy. i remember what conservatives and the republicans didn't think the united states should imitate france. that was kind of a talking buoyant against president obama. admires all these different countries. july 4th. local communities have their own parades so that is very french
9:54 am
actually. a huge thing in the nation's capital. i don't care that is quite the american spirit. >> american spirit, what about no-knock search and robert muler is signaling about hiss intentions. this is not your ordinary white collar investigation by the fbi. >> being aggressive and people who don't like trump and think he probably did something that deserves to be held account for. are pleased. i think putting myself how they would respond i think leaks last night have set up trump for effective counterresponse at least in the short-term. why is everything leaking. this is what i warned against and what is mueller doing here? he's into people's houses early in the morning. i think trump can rally his own supporters on the kind of witch hunt front you might say and that is what trump wants to do. i think one thing we all forget we follow the investigation and we think that trump is just a normal defendant who's going to go on. trump is a fighter. a cunning fighter.
9:55 am
he's going to fight back. he's going to attack mueller. the leak, obama's fbi for doing wiretapping just as trump would say just as i said they were doing so it is going to be an interesting response i think to see from trump. >> bill crystal, thank you so much. so much going on. vice president pence has just arrived on capitol hill. we'll be covering that all day on msnbc. and meanwhile a big anniversary on this program today. "morning joe" debuted ten years ago. changing the landscape of the television. and many of those boldfaced political names stopped by the sew today. coming live from the historic snl studio to help celebrate the milestone. including tony blair, past and present new york city mayors bloomburg and de blasio. chris christie. tom brokaw. john ridley, academy award winner and many others. congratulations the whole team,
9:56 am
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thanks for being with us. that's it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." follow us on line. and craig melvin is up next. >> always good to have you in new york city. you brighten up this place. >> 234u. >> good afternoon. craig melvin on msnbc head quarters in new york.
10:00 am
promising destruction. president trump threatening to totally destroy north korea. and also dubbed its leader kim jong un rocket man in his fiery first salespeople to the united nations. the president set to meet with the u.n. security general shortly. also down to the wire again, republican leaders are pressuring lawmakers to back their last ditch effort to repeal obamacare. what's in the latest bill? why a fiancé term called reconciliation likely means now or never for repeal and replace. and bracing for impact. hurricane maria tears through the caribbean and heads for puerto rico as the cat 5 monster. we'll go live to the storm zone but we start with president trump's talk of war with north korea. the comments coming during the first ever speech before the u.n. general assembly. the president spending 40 minutes addressing


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